Cherry Laurel is the perfect plant for anyone looking for a flowering evergreen shrub. It grows in a variety of climates and can reach heights of up to 15 feet. Cherry Laurel produces white flowers in the springtime, and its leaves turn a beautiful bronze color in the fall. This makes it an excellent choice for landscaping purposes.

The cherry laurel has properties that make it possible to create sufficient shade in the garden when used as a boundary plant and thus hedge. Cherry  laurels are known to be dense, evergreen shrubs that can provide optimum coverage. Cherry laurels can grow up to 15 feet in height and have a width of about 12 feet if left unpruned. When pruned, they can take on a more columnar shape with a narrower width.

If you want to plant this plant, you can do so in almost any type of soil, although there are two exceptions. On limestone soils or very marshy soils, there is a good chance that this plant will not grow optimally.

However, the cherry laurel is very flexible and can be placed in the sun, half-shadow or in the shade. It is preferable that it receives sunlight one day, as this ensures that the plant grows better and you will eventually be able to enjoy the natural shade it creates.

Another advantage that the cherry laurel has, in addition to creating shade, is that its leaves block out noise. This can lead to a quieter garden because noises from outside are stopped.